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Pressing and Cleaning Services

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Pressing and cleaning comics is a delicate art that involves skill and care. Uncanny Comic Pressing (UCP, a branch of ComicCon Collections) will take every effort to take the best care of your book(s) throughout the process. However, we are dealing with paper, which has the possibility of being damaged in the pressing or cleaning process, resulting in tears, creases, detached staples, spine splits, etc. The customer assumes all risk for damages resulting from the regular pressing and cleaning process. If a book appears to be too brittle to safely press or clean, UCP will contact the customer on whether or not they want to proceed with the process.

Pressing has varying results and will not improve certain issues on a comic. If a crease has broken the color, UCP cannot remove the color break. Color breaking spine ticks cannot be eliminated. Thick papers like cardstock and foil/metallic covers often will not press out well. Many imperfections can be lessened but not completely eliminated.

UCP is also not liable for any restoration previously done to a comic book, whether or not UCP is able to identify it. If UCP notices restoration not mentioned by the customer, UCP will let the customer know about it.

The customer is responsible for making sure all comic books submitted for pressing are protected with a bag and board when sent to UCP. Once received, UCP will transfer the book to a 2mm Mylar bag with board for extra protection on return or when sending for grading, unless one is already provided. UCP is not responsible for damages that may occur in transit for pressing and/or grading and in return to the customer.

If a negligent error is made by UCP that results in the book lowering in grade, UCP will either 1) refund the cost of the pressing or 2) purchase the book from the customer at the Fair Market Value of the book as it was received. The liability limit for purchasing a book is $500. 

When the customer submits books to UCP, they are accepting this liability contract.